Hi! I'm Narayan.

I am a data privacy and ad-tech enthusiast, and this website is my testing sandbox.

Logo for the Sunlit Sandbox fake e-commerce store.Logo for the Sunlit Sandbox fake e-commerce store.


Welcome to the Sunlit Sandbox, the ecommerce store where we sell dreams and nightmares, but mostly nightmares. Here, logic is as absent as the chances of you buying anything real.

Shop with us, and enjoy the thrill of adding utterly useless wonders to a cart that's as empty as our promises.

Welcome to the Panopticon Playground, where we simulate the relentless pursuit of ad-tracking technologies just for kicks. Think you've got your digital privacy on lockdown? Our mock-up of the advertising world's finest trackers invites you to a game of cat and mouse – where your data is the cheese, but thankfully never leaves the maze.

Here, we playfully mimic common tracking techniques to show you just how exposed you might be, without actually sending your precious information to the data-hungry hordes. It's like a haunted house for your online privacy – spooky, educational, but ultimately harmless. Give it a whirl! It's all the fun of realizing you're being watched, with none of the creepy aftertaste.